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I am often asked by writers who are looking around for a publisher—“Why should I go with Word Association? What makes Word Association any better than other publishers?” It’s a good question. When Francine and I first tip-toed into the business of helping writers to self-publish their books, back in the mid-1990s, we were one of only a handful of such businesses in the entire country. We were pioneers. Today, if you google “self publishing” thousands of such companies pop up. Some of them are very good at what they do. Some, not at all. But what I think sets Word Association apart is this: we take exceptional care of our authors. I can brag about our stable of editors; they are the best in the business. Our design team is second to none—just take a look at the book covers in our online library. We have state of the art bookmaking equipment. We offer book marketing and sophisticated book publicity. We fill orders all over the world. But all that said: what I think is best about us is the care and attention we give our authors. While we always try to help authors stay true to their vision, we feel it is our responsibility to offer honest criticism and guidance every step of the way. We consider it a privilege when writers choose our company and trust us with their prize possessions—their books—their creations!—and with that privilege comes a responsibility that Francine and I and our staff take very seriously. A great many of our writers come back to us with their next book, and then the next one. How satisfying is that!

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A Poetic Journey

Reunion of Strangers

The Cross, The Eagle,
and the Rising sun

Winter Comes

Only You

The Tail Of Two Brothers

Against the odds

A Heavenly Promise

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