by C. William Davis III

Madison Lynn Devereax, his pretty blonde psychic friend, had warned him. “A storm is coming and it’s coming at you.” For over a year and a half, Sheriff Clive Aliston believed it wasn’t over. The “Forever Man” murders had come to a close, but for Clive the shadows that remained followed him every moment. A national disaster had devastated the country and interrupted life. Now the country was coming back together, but so were those shadows. A sporting goods store robbery had seemed routine until that cryptic one word message, “Forever,” was discovered on the store wall. What Clive would face now made the previous murder spree seem like child’s play. It was the beginning of a war that would become very personal. What he faced now was a phantom, a chameleon that changed color with each twist and turn. The storm that was coming was a dark vortex that could very easily suck the life from anyone who stood in its way. Sheriff Clive Aliston was about to meet a monster. He was about to begin a life and death struggle with “The Ticket Master.”

Since retiring from the industrial electrical and aerospace electronics field, where he did work for the government aerospace and space programs, Davis has focused on his lifelong interest in literature and writing.

A long-time resident of Brackenridge, Pennsylvania, he graduated from Har-Brack High School and earned a degree in Aerospace Electronics from A.T.I. in Pittsburgh.

He has been married to his wife, Linda for over forty years and has two children and three grandchildren.

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