A Employee's Guide to Washington Wage Claims
by Patrick J. Kang

I wrote this book to provide employees with an easy-to-read book about the State of Washington wage law and our legal system. Having represented many employees and spoken with hundreds more about their potential wage cases, I realized that there were not any good, easy to read materials available to Washington employees. The information and legal process should be clear and straight forward but, in fact, trying to read the Washington statutes called the Revised Code of Washington can be daunting and incomprehensible. Similarly, the legal system can also be intimidating and difficult to understand. This feeling of confusion exists even when a person hires a lawyer, because very often people do not know how to hire the right lawyer for their case. As a result, they end up hiring an inexperienced lawyer who does not know or understand wage law.

Patrick Kang is a partner at Premier Law Group PLLC, a firm dedicated to focusing on representing individuals. We are very selective about which cases we accept. If we believe that you can resolve your case yourself and would be better off not hiring us, we will tell you so. We will also not hesitate to advise a person if we believe a case cannot be won or if the risks of pushing forward would outweigh the costs.

For more information visit: www.plg-pllc.com


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