by dr. steven t. gough & dr. mijung park

What’s our favorite reason for saying we don’t exercise?

Well, if you’re at all like me it’s because we just don’t have the time! Unfortunately, my friends Dr. Steven Gough and Dr. Mijung Park have robbed us all of our favorite excuse! In their book, 15 Seconds to Fitness, they share compelling research, their own experiences and proven techniques to reveal how less is more. In fact, how way less is way more. Read this book. Follow their advice. And use your 15 seconds in a manner that will positively change your life.- John O’Leary, #1 National best-selling author of On Fire

I really enjoyed reading the “15 seconds to fitness.” I’ve actually started these exercises myself and find them very easy to incorporate into my busy workday. Not to mention it was a quick read (took me about 30 minutes total!) - Justin Berthold, D.O., Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physician Rehabilitation Physicians of Pittsburgh - Focusing on Function and Quality of Life

A quick and enjoyable read that inspired me to integrate a few of these brief exercises into my daily routine. - David L. Finegold, DPhil, President of Chatham University


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