by Stephen Gidus

If you are thinking about a home addition or remodeling project, you may be about to invest what might be the largest amount of money you have ever invested in anything – except for the purchase of your home. The entire premise behind this book is: spending time researching and preparing before you start your remodeling project will lead to a greater return on your investment and a much more successful completion of your vision for your home.

Learn How Applying the Conflict-Free Home Remodeling Process Builds Harmony Between:

Your Budget and the Design
This highly practical resource will show you a step by step process to identify your wants and needs to determine if your
remodeling dream is feasible

Your Family and the Construction Crews
Use this book to help guide you in making sure the right tasks are being considered for your family’s lifestyle needs before
construction crews begin work

Your Savings and Unnecessary Changes
Learn how building on paper first will save you time and money by avoiding unnecessary changes

Plus: Follow a sample project to learn all the details of Pre Construction and Construction
from a professional!

Homeowners and Remodelers Praise Conflict-Free Home Remodeling

I have done 6 remodeling projects with a remodeler who uses The Conflict-Free Remodeling Process and it really delivers projects that fit your budget and tastes with a minimal impact to your family.
-Anne van den Berg, Homeowner, Orlando, Florida

When our clients experience our level of expertise by going through the Pre Construction Phase the rest of the
project is fabulous – our clients sit back and relax while we construct their vision. The Conflict-Free Remodeling Process sets the tone for success.
-Marion McGrath, Remodeler, Jonathan McGrath Construction, Longwood, Florida

Before making the final commitment to purchase my home I contacted a remodeler using the Conflict-Free Remodeling Process. The Feasibility Study he preformed helped assure me the numbers for the addition and remodeling improvements were within my budget.
-Todd Flemming, Homeowner, The Plains, Virginia

All of my clients are first overwhelmed at the start of the Pre Construction phase. They drop hints to race ahead into
Construction but halfway through they are so thankful they hired me to help them efficiently plan their entire project. At the end of Construction I have referrals plus repeat business.
-John King, Remodeler, Rampart Homes, Sarasota, Florida

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