by Stephen Gidus

Part of The Conflict-Free Home Remodeling Process

• How will the construction area be protected from the living areas not planned for construction?

• My master bathroom remodel is upstairs; is there an alternate way to access the space without coming into the home?

• There are a couple of relatively new plumbing fixtures I would like to reuse. How can I be assured they will not be thrown out during the demolition step of construction?

• Will the new window match my existing windows?

• What is a SEER rating as it relates to my air conditioning system and how will that affect my annual energy bill? Where will the thermostat be located?

• My home is an older home with plaster walls. Will the new walls be plaster?

• What type of surface will the tile in the shower be installed on?

• What type of wood trim and mouldings will be installed?

Many hours of discussion will take place in the planning phase of a home remodeling project. Potentially, hundreds of options will be presented, examined, reviewed, and deliberated. What was the final outcome or decision for each of the options? “She said she told me she wanted the doors to match the metal exterior doors, but I thought I remember her saying she wanted wood doors, so I installed wood doors.” Who is right, who wrote it down, and who kept the notes? The project specifications are all of the final decisions and promises in writing, to be agreed on before the start of construction.

Make sure you get what you want by discussing every possible item up-front and requesting a final set of project specifications specific to your home remodeling project.

Use the outlined specifications in this book as talking points with your remodeler. Avoid the He Said/She Said Syndrome helps facilitate discussion for all of the possible choices for your remodeling project.


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