The Whole Brain Guide to an Extraordinary Life
by Hal Williamson

By the creator of the celebrated Pathways to Greatness seminar series that has helped thousands bring purpose and happiness to their lives.

Unleash Your Hidden Greatness Understand how your brain works with easy-to-follow guidelines to harness its power.

"I have never read a book that presents the human nervous system in such a clear and easy-to-remember fashion and I have never encountered a learned and yet accessible text that has enriched my understanding of life and development as much as Liberating Greatness. This is one of those rare literary achievements that engages the mind, provides profoundly useful knowledge and insight and leaves the readers all the better for having read it. I am eager to share it with my friends and use it in my college courses.” –Michael Penn, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist Associate Professor of Psychology Franklin and Marshall College

“Liberating Greatness makes the complex brain system understandable and useful to everyone. There are many fine self help books, but this book enables you to make better use of the others.”–Abraham Twerski, M.D., Psychiatrist, Author Founder of Gateway Rehabilitation Center

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