by Stephen Gidus

Part of The Conflict-Free Home Remodeling Process
• As the homeowner, am I permitted to give a directive to a worker on my remodeling project?

• Apart from a local building department, who else do I need permission from to remodel my home?

• Am I responsible for any insurance pertaining to my home addition?

• If the cost of an allowance item increases, will my remodeler add a percentage onto the increased cost?

• How do you define substantial completion? At what point is the project really finished and how long can I hold the final payment?

• Who pays for the increased power bill due to the construction workers’ use of power tools?

• Will my remodeler work on Saturdays and Sundays?

• What should I do if there is an emergency after all of the workers have gone home for the day?

• What items do I need to move out of the space being remodeled before construction begins?

• Can I move furniture back into the new space before the remodeler is finished?

• Can I keep leftover construction materials?

• Can I supply some of the building supplies?

Nothing is more pleasing to a homeowner than no surprises during construction. Nothing is more rewarding to a home remodeler than a happy homeowner after a project is completed. Successful and peaceful relationships between remodelers and homeowners do not happen by chance. They are deliberate. Peaceful relationships happen because the home remodeler sets homeowner expectations up front before the start of construction – and documents those expectations.

Every potential situation that can occur during a home remodeling project is addressed in this book in order to facilitate intelligent discussion with your remodeler before starting construction.


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