Top 10 Lifesaving Self-Defense Techniques
by David Loshelder

Protect Yourself: Top 10 Lifesaving Self-Defense Techniques is a collection of over 84 techniques, including the author, David Loshelder’s top 10 self-defense maneuvers, displayed in photographic detail. Based on a system developed by Loshelder, Protect Yourself equips you with easy-to-learn, life-saving defense skills. From basic movements to more advanced techniques, learn how to evade, block, strike, release from holds, and defend yourself in an attack situation. Finally, read the inspiring real-life stories of people who successfully fought and won the battle for survival! Empower yourself. PROTECT YOURSELF!

“The martial arts community needs more of Dave Loshelder. I am proud to know him and now to recommend his book to you.” Nick V. Zaffuto 6th degree black belt, “The father of Pittsburgh judo"

“In this day and age of muggings, rape and terrorism, all of us need to be more aware than ever before and this book provides the mental and physical tools to do so. Buy this book - but more importantly practice what is in it every day. I highly recommend this book!”
Kyu Ha Kim 9th degree black belt, United States judo hall of fame

David Loshelder has been practicing, training and teaching judo and self-defense for 28 years now. He currently holds a third-degree black belt in judo and has trained and competed nationally and internationally throughout his judo career. David was ranked the USA #1 judo player in his respective weight class in the early 1990s. Some of his accomplishments include: 5X USA National place winner, 2X US International Open silver medalist, 10X Pennsylvania State champion and he was named the Pennsylvania Most Valuable Player twice. He has operated his judo club, Three Rivers Judo Inc., and now offers his expertise to the local sector, instructing self-defense classes, workshops and seminars to colleges, universities, libraries, and private establishments. David lives with his wife, Jennifer, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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