What is the Purpose of my Brain?: Spiritual Healing and Salvation
by paul nussbaum

The human brain is the single greatest, most magnificent system ever designed in the history of the universe, and it sits right between our ears! Having spent nearly fifteen years teaching the general public about the miracle of the human brain, Dr. Nussbaum now asks, "What Is the Purpose of My Brain?"

It is certainly true that if we learned our brains were limited to providing us the ability to think, move, relate, and emote, we could all rest with amazement. However, in this book, Dr. Nussbaum takes the extraordinary step of exploring an even more grand purpose. Perhaps God granted us a brain so that in his image, we could not only commune with him and his son Jesus Christ, but have the ability to believe, express our faith, and ultimately live our lives according to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Learn more about Dr. Nussbaum’s thoughts on the grand purpose of your brain and how the gift of the Holy Spirit is a path to our own spiritual healing and salvation.


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