by Paul Nessbaulm

Doctor Nussbaum is a licensed clinical neuropsychologist in the state of Pennsylvania. Having earned his Doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Arizona in 1991, Dr. Nussbaum completed his internship and Post-Doctoral fellowship at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. He is an adjunct Associate Professor in Neurological Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

Doctor Nussbaum has 25 years experience in the care of older persons suffering dementia and related disorders. From the outpatient setting to the long- term care setting, Dr. Nussbaum has worked in all sectors of the continuum of care. An expert in neuroanatomy and human behavior, Dr. Nussbaum has published many peer reviewed articles, books, and chapters within the scientific community. His books Your Brain Health Lifestyle, Brain Health and Wellness, Love Your Brain, and What Brain Research Teaches About Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships are easy to read and informative guides to increasing the health of your brain. He is a national and international lecturer on brain health, healthy aging, dementia and related disorders.

Doctor Nussbaum educates the general public on the basics of the human brain and how to keep the brain healthy over the entire lifespan. He has presented his views on brain health at the United Nations and National Press Club. His keynote presentations across the nation are both informative and fun and he is often interviewed by the local and national press/media. Doctor Nussbaum also serves as a brain health consultant to many diverse businesses and organizations.

He is the recent winner of the 2007 American Society on Aging “Gloria Cavanaugh Award” for excellence in training and education in the field of aging. He also received with Emeritus Assisted Living the 2007 “Best of the Best” award for the Brain Health Initiative and Prototype Program presented by the Assisted Living Federation of America.

For more information about Brain health or to contact Dr. Nussbaum visit his website (www.paulnussbaum.com).

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