Francine, Tom’s wife and business partner, oversees all writing and editorial services at Word Association Publishers.  “Our company is rooted in high quality writing, whether it is assisting authors with their manuscripts through editing, ghost writing, or in the creation of effective marketing materials. I make it my business to see that all of this is the best it can be."

She began her career as a writer of commercial copy in Pittsburgh radio and continued on as a news and feature writer/producer for CBS news, Chicago.  “I was that person with stacks of newly-released books on her desk, making the decisions about which authors were called for an on-air interview.”   She knows what gets authors those all-important media interviews and she knows how to coach authors so that they make the most of such marketing opportunities.

Along with Tom, Francine is a parent and grandparent to three adult children and four grandsons. Besides all of the Word Association authors, her favorite writers have always been and will forever remain, Ernest Hemingway and Jane Austin.

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