Kendra Williamson has funneled her passion for the English language into her work as an editor. With her background in linguistics from Brigham Young University, she developed a deep understanding of how language works. Her minors in editing and TESOL (Teaching English to Speaker of Other Languages) helped her apply linguistic knowledge to help writers communicate their ideas. Recently she earned a master’s degree in rhetoric from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). In this program she studied what makes communication effective and persuasive.

When Kendra edits, she listens carefully to the author’s needs and desires, and she willingly articulates her opinions and perspectives. She generally focuses first on the big picture and the overall organization before working her way down to the nitty-gritty grammar and punctuation. Additionally, she enjoys helping authors improve their writing style and flow if they desire to do so.

Kendra does not shy away from technical writing, and she has experience working with both legal and scientific writing. She enjoys editing the wide variety of genres that Word Association publishes, from dense informational texts to cookbooks to fiction.

In addition to her editing, Kendra is a part-time adjunct instructor at CMU, where she teachers first-year writing. She also tutors writing and visual/oral presentations for students in a variety of disciplines at CMU.

Outside of work she enjoys photography, cooking, gardening, exercising, and other outdoor activities, including backpacking and learning survival skills. Her highest priority and joy is her husband and her young daughter. Though she and her husband both hail from the Midwest originally, they now live in beautiful Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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