Nan Newell is an editor par excellence. Relying heavily on her trusty Chicago Manual of Style to settle questions of correct usage, she also makes a point of getting to know each author so that she can edit according to that author's personal style. She is picky, but in the best possible sense, cutting out unnecessary words, suggesting alternate wording, querying the author when something could be made clearer.

"I know I can be obsessive about language," Nan admits, "but using words properly is what good writing is all about."Writers who have had the benefit of Nan's craftsmanship tell us how much they wind up enjoying the editing process and are delighted with the results. Her approach is low-keyed, tactful, and consistently positive and her objective is to make every book that has our imprint the best that it can be.

Before joining us at Word Association, she worked as an associate producer and writer for Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, where she met her husband, David, better known as Mr. McFeely, the "speedy delivery" man. They have three children: a daughter, Catherine, who graduated from CalArts and is a set decorator, a son Taylor, who is a graphic designer in New York, and a son Alex who works for Denver's arena football team, the Colorado Crush.

Nan is hoping to find time between editing assignments to finish two children's books of her own, which you will no doubt read about on our bookstore page one of these days.

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