An Author Website Places You In A Worldwide Market That Never Closes

Imagine being able to market and sell your book to the world without sharing your profits with a retailer!  When we create an author website for you, you are open for business 24/7 and you can communicate with your readers and prospective buyers.

One of the best ways authors can market their books is on their own website, and to that end we now offer all of our clients high-end website design and hosting at attractive and affordable rates. Designer April Urso will work closely with authors to assure that they have a website they can be proud of and also one which she will optimize to assure the best possible traffic. We offer three levels of website design: Basic, Intermediate, and Premium.

Basic:  $1500.00
Three page site

Intermediate: $2000.00
Four page site

Premium: $3000.00
Six page site

Every site we create gets social networks and favicons. Social networks are web sites that focus on building relations among people with common interests. Some examples of social networks are facebook, twitter, and google plus. Favicons are icons/logos that appear in the URL by the web address. They represent a logo of a company or an expression of the site.  Authors can pick and choose what social networks they would like. The basic site will offer two. Intermediate and premium sites will offer up to four. Authors will also receive an electronic version of their book that can be posted on their web site.

Authors may pick what kind of pages they want for their site. For example, an author buys the basic package and chooses Home page, About page, and Order page. A Home page is the first page a client sees when opening your web site. The About page is a little bio about the author and the author’s book. An Order page is a page where people can order the book/books from the author. There are many variations to choose from:

  • Home
  • About
  • Order
  • Contact
  • Blog (written by the author)
  • “Look Inside” (allows viewers to open your book to view sample pages)
  • History
  • Animated banner
  • Video

    Authors also have the option of a CMS site (Content Management System).  CMS gives authors freedom to add and change pages on their web site, and to write a blog, add news feeds, and photographs. You won’t be able to change everything on the site (ex: the placement of your book) but CMS gives you a lot of control and manageability. We recommend this option only for authors who likes to update their site frequently, without having to rely on the webmaster. The CMS option costs an additional $200.00 per page to set up.

    Website renewal fees: Author websites can be renewed yearly for a fee of $50.00. Authors may cancel their websites, either by not paying the renewal fee, or by informing us in writing of their wish to discontinue their website.

    Website maintenance fee: authors may request updates, changes and revisions to their websites at any time. Our fee for website maintenance is 60.00/hr. There is no annual maintenance fee for authors who make no updates to their website.






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