by peter wallin

You’re about to discover the strangest secret in the business world—and 54 ways to make it work for you.

Want to develop techniques that will bring a constant stream of people to your business?

This practical and comprehensive guide will instruct and inspire you to focus on relationship-building and networking—your greatest allies in pursuit of a better bottom line.

You’ll learn how to:
• Apply the single-most effective tool for meeting people. (Chapter 3)
• Create relationships and generate referrals for life. (Chapter 7)
• Follow the 5 rules needed for massive growth. (Chapter 8)
• Use the 7 habits of highly successful marketers. (Chapter 9)
• Lead, build, and manage to assure profitable results. (Chapter 21)

“A perfect guide to the fine arts of relationship-building and networking in pursuit of a healthier bottom line business.” Midwest Book Review, Amazon.com

“Peter has a unique understanding of the challenges faced by business owners and of how they can strategically lead their businesses to incredible success.”Jeanna Pool, marketing consultant and author of When Your Small Business is YOU™ Marketing Handbook

Peter Wallin has over 20 years’ experience in sales and management and has worked with hundreds of small businesses using his unique style of marketing and relationship building. Among numerous community and industry awards he has earned the F.W. Hirt Quality Agent Award from Erie Insurance. As an ambassador to small businesses throughout the country, Peter shares success secrets for unlimited sales and growth. His business is headquartered in Elmira, New York.


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