by dean m. pastore

This program... not only teaches you the basics of selling, but how to remain in sales over the long run, and how to remain profitable and sustain a fresh outlook about your selling approach. This program will never become outdated, and it crosses over from industry to industry, whether you are working direct for a company, or running your own business.
–Dean M. Pastore

Sales professional Dean M. Pastore shares the wisdom he's gained from a successful sales career spanning nearly three decades and several different industries in his exciting new book, Selling to the World: The Secrets of a Successful Sales Career. His step-by-step program, emphasizing that sales skills need to be continually sharpened, is as useful to someone just entering the sales profession as to someone with extensive sales experience. Pastore's program asks readers to examine their inward emotions, and teaches them how to interject those positive energies into their selling techniques. Pastore focuses on longevity in a sales career, rather than instant gratification. His ideas and methods will teach anyone with the right attitude and determination how to be successful now, and how to remain passionate about selling into the future.


Dean M. Pastore has had a burning desire to sell since he was a young boy. The strong value system that his wonderful parents instilled in him is the reason he is so successful today. Dean has been a sales professional for over 25 years. He has extensive sales experience in various industries, and has lived in five different areas of the country. His passion for helping people achieve their goals has been extremely satisfying. Dean is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, where he studied business administration and economics. His personal life has been just as rewarding, as he strives to be the best husband and father possible. Dean resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with his wife, Carla, their son, Rocco, and their dog, Rico.


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