by Carol Gregory

A mysterious, enticing cave in current-day Connellsville, Pennsylvania leads a twelve-year-old descendant of a Revolutionary War soldier on a time-travel adventure back to 1778!

Along the way, Tommy Crawford meets his ancestor Colonel William Crawford and General George Washington. The two are planning an expedition into Ohio to build forts to defend the Ohio Territory.
Since young Tommy can no longer locate the cave from which he emerged, he sets off with the Colonel and General Washington in hopes of discovering a way back home. Their first stop is at the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers, the present-day site of Pittsburgh, to visit Fort Pitt and to acquire provisions.

A Clue to Lead Tommy Home
When Tommy enters the cave back in Connellsville he is carrying with him a prized Revolutionary War powder horn given to him by his father. But while struggling through the rugged cave, he loses his footing and drops the horn. Tommy is devastated by the loss of the powder horn but he has little time to dwell on his misfortune. In his travels with his ancestor and the great General Washington, he faces danger from Indians, British soldiers and wild animals as they trek through the dense forests of Western Pennsylvania and Ohio. But that lost powder horn may be Tommy’s only hope of returning home to the future.


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