by Greg Spalding

“You Accept Jesus Christ on His terms or you can’t have Him on any terms.” Keith Green

Coming To Terms With Jesus Christ encourages people to be reconciled with Christ, to deal with their eternal destiny. It counters the false teaching Paul spoke about in II Timothy 4.3 when he talked about teachers and preachers who “tickle the ears”, giving people only what they want to hear instead of the truth. Our pluralistic society has diluted the truth of the gospel. This book also bridges the gap between theology and testimony, since many people get so into testimonies that have no substance while others have only a cold theology. Spalding served as a missionary to Latin America with Sports Ambassadors, as he had the privilege of using sports as a bridge to share the gospel. This book does the same thing in a literary format. Greg serves as a Research Analyst for Sportsweek, a national TV sports magazine hosted by Tom McGough and produced by WPCB. Greg has written seven books, including Run The Greatest Race, a work that uses sports as a metaphor for living the Christian life based on I Corinthians 9.24-27, and Three Rivers That Spawned The City of Champions, a history of Three Rivers Stadium.

“Death without Christ is the ultimate tragedy.” Tunch Ilkin, Steeler announcer and former All-Pro offensive lineman

“Not enough has been written about the foundation of the lives of those Steelers.” Mel Blount, Hall of Fame cornerback

“People today have their own flexodoxy to suit their own beliefs.” Pastor William M. Drew of Beulah Presbyterian Church

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