by Myklin Cox

A Christian Finishing Course for Young Women

“They say God loves everyone, but does that mean He truly loves me?”
“How can I know what it means to be a true friend?”
“What does God say about relationships with guys?”
“Is inner beauty really more important than outer beauty?”

Young women are asking questions like these all across the world. Sadly the answers are harder to find than ever before, as the negative messages in today’s society leave no room for Godly principles. Just what exactly should every girl know?

Join Myklin as she takes preteen and teenage girls through an enjoyable and personal journey to discover what the Bible has to say about what every girl should know. This Finishing Course for young ladies openly discusses practical and spiritual issues in a way girls can easily understand and apply to their lives. Some of the many topics included in this course are:

• Developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
• Learning to use one’s gifts and talents
• The importance of proper health
• Developing social graces
• Having good role models and friendships
• The basics of home economics
• Relationships with boys!

“This helped me in bettering who I am and seeing myself as God sees me...”
--Gina, Age 18

“...All of us who know Myklin are thrilled to have this book to treasure with our daughters as we know it will only inspire them in their walk with the LORD.”
--Wendy, Mother of Six

“What Every Girl Should Know is the first Bible study I’ve ever read that makes me feel like I am actually sitting across from the facilitator one-on-one, face-to-face learning what every girl should know.”
--Roxie, Grandmother and Women’s Ministry Director

“...Refreshing and Inspiring!”
--Jeanne, Mother of two

The Lord began to speak to Myklin’s heart at an early age about the need for Godly young women in today’s world. At the age of 18 she taught a Bible class for preteen and teenage girls entitled What Every Girl Should Know. That class was the instrument the Lord used to bring about the writing of this course. She now teaches classes for young women, and actively shares the vision the Lord gave her for virtuous girlhood through speaking engagements, workshops, retreats, and conferences. Myklin was educated at home and lives in South Central Kansas along with her family.

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