by Monika Jeffery

Have you asked yourself, “Are you all the woman God has called you to be?” Well, the woman before the trinity helps you explore all the possibilities of what God’s divine design and purpose is for women. It is an inspirational book to inspire single women of all ages to seek out their full potential in the body of Christ as women of God through:

• self examination
• exploring their relationship with God
• understanding who they are as women of God and
• renewing their minds so that they can make healthier mature decision in life and relationships.

The Woman Before the Trinity provides essential information for the true conduct of what Godly women represent. The information obtain not only helps single women but also married women with spouses and men looking for wives; encouraging them to understand the differences in the Godly characteristics of a person and knowing the wolf in sheep’s clothing portraying to be Godly.

Do the choices in your life continue to produce the same results? If so this book will help you understand why and how to change them.

$14.95 20% off

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