by kate woods

When Julietta Christopher, Esq. has had enough of being poisoned by the depraved heart indifference of deceitful men and scheming sluts, she ignores propriety and the legal system she knows so well and takes matters into her own hands. You see, she realized she had no choice – Because depraved hearts cannot be mended – they must be DESTROYED!

When it became clear to her that there was now an epidemic of depraved heart indifference, it made her blood boil. Narcissists, Sociopaths, Psychopaths, Cheaters, Liars, Bi-Polar Cyclers, and Sluts were destroying the lives they touched like a tornado destroys everything in its path. No one was safe from their emotional torture and their depravity. Not her clients. Not her friends; and not her family.

As the pressure mounted she kept asking herself, “Is it only murder when the heart stops beating or is it also murder when the heart is so broken you wish it would stop beating?” She knew with unwavering certainty that an avalanche was building to a crescendo above them and it was about to bury her and her family. She had to do something to protect them. She had unshakable faith in avalanches and in their inevitability and her entire being was warning her that it was time to take action. Actions speak louder than words and the Law of Karma of what goes around comes around would eventually prevail in its own good time; but she was impatient. It was time to give Karma a little help … and she was ready!

Faith in Avalanches has conflict, murder, mayhem, mystery, betrayal, love and vengeance! This is Contemporary Fiction to keep your heart beating and your mind racing to the last page.



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