by Lloyd Stamy

Interwoven plots of passion and patriotism collide in this gripping tale of global cyberwarfare and looming economic enslavement. While in the throes of a pandemic, the long-running American experiment with democracy is in jeopardy of collapse as the country appears hopelessly imperiled by foreign dominance.

Former covert operative Hap Franklin emerges from retirement to combat Russian cybercriminality and stave off the more devastating long-term threat of permanent captivity by China. Destined to follow in the footsteps his father had prepared for him, he dons the familiar clandestine cloak of deception. No stranger to adversity, Hap embarks on a mission fraught with unimaginable danger, immeasurable cruelty, and unexpected resolution.

At the same time haunted by a life he is neither satisfied with nor altogether proud of, Hap seeks professional help while in the embrace of renowned behavioral psychologist Louise Porter. Attempts to reconcile their anxious hearts and troubled psyches further complicate the intrigue. Beyond avenging his beloved wife’s death, Hap’s resolve is emboldened by an abiding love for his adoring children and the daunting task of ensuring their future.

The ominous and omnipresent dangers ripped from current headlines make this a realistic drama of industrial espionage, cyberterrorism, betrayal, revenge, and the dethronement of an American president. Engaging from start to finish, Strangers No More is a serious and compelling story, but told with an abundance of dry wit that keeps the reader amused and off-balance along the way.



Since retiring from the institutional investment business, Lloyd has pursued what he calls “the real stuff of life” – music, the dramatic arts, and writing. He earned a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Virginia, and his first book, Reunion of Strangers, was published in 2018. A lifelong member of his church, Lloyd has sung in its chancel choir since 1967. He also produces music, including a recent six-CD collection of recordings from his mother’s weekly radio program on KDKA in the 1940s. An avid gardener, he and his wife have two adult children and reside in Fox Chapel, a suburb of Pittsburgh.
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