by J.M. Dietz

These short stories have the humor, energy, and nostalgia of a Mark Twain tale. The reader feels he is growing up with these boys, sharing their adventures and misadventures, sharing their plans and their secrets, sharing their fun and joyful enthusiasm—in a time and a place that has almost vanished. Many readers of a certain age will recognize their own youth in these pages, and will remember those days with a mixture of pleasure and loss. And younger readers may wish they too could have grown up in Braska.

John Dietz was born in southwestern Pennsylvania and raised in the small towns of Brackenridge and West Natrona. An Air Force veteran of the Korean War, he graduated from Carnegie Mellon University as an electrical engineer.
He worked to design and construct the automation of steel mills and chemical plants across the United States and several foreign countries.

An avid hunter and outdoorsman, John spent his youth at the family hunting camp near Titusville and later at his own camp on the Allegheny River near Tionesta. His hobbies included gardening, cooking, beer and wine making. Always a storyteller, he decided to put his tales to print after retirement.

He swears that there is some truth in each of these stories.


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