by mary kathryn koma

Eight-year-old Patsy is the youngest of a large family in the town of Yatesboro, Pennsylvania. Her childhood escapades connect with the hardworking immigrant families in this thriving coal mining town in Western Pennsylvania in the 1930’s.

Patsy’s days are spent in the company of good friends and a close-knit family. She is something of a tomboy with a big imagination and a determination to do as she pleases. Her spirited playfulness leads her adventures and compels her to share her love of baseball with an intriguing new friend who holds a well-guarded secret.

Her love of family guides her as she welcomes her little sister Ruby, who believes that Patsy hung the moon. Her insatiable curiosity tempts her toward the dark mysteries of the Blackhands, as she discovers shocking truths, despair, lost love and a stunning revelation. As Patsy comes of age, she encounters both joy and disaster, lives lost and love found, and the beginning of WWII, as the town suffers through wartime hardships.

Patsy’s indomitable spirit and her unwavering loyalty to her friends and family helped spin the tales surrounding the lives of those living down company row.

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