by robert macDougall

Have you ever wished you knew more about American history but wouldn’t go back to those boring classes you took for anything?
If so, this book will help. Author Robert MacDougall takes readers time travelling from 1776 to the present—hitting the major players and events. He takes a light approach and avoids getting the reader bogged down in suffocating details.

Did you know that . . .
... besides freeing the slaves, President Abraham Lincoln created the first transcontinental railroad?
... Mark Twain fought in the Civil War ... for the South, for two weeks?
... in 1960 Richard Nixon had grounds for challenging his electoral loss to John F. Kennedy, but chose not to?
... President Andrew Jackson, whose face appears on the twenty dollar bill, hated banks and loathed paper money?

After reviewing our country’s past, MacDougall discusses eight ways that the knowledge of those years has helped him lead a productive and satisfying life. If that doesn’t work for you, MacDougall helps you learn how to uncover your own benefits from actually knowing something about the history of your country.

About The Author

Robert MacDougall has taught American history at the high school and college level for almost fifty years. He is the author of two previous books: The Agitator and the Politician, the story of the two very different roads to the abolition of slavery followed by the radical abolitionist, William Lloyd Garrison and the conservative politician, Abraham Lincoln, and Leaders in Dangerous Times, a comparison of the very different leadership styles of Douglas MacArthur and Dwight D. Eisenhower, who played critical roles in two world wars and the Cold War.


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