by Elenor Shumaker

This is the story of Kate Chase Sprague and the men she tripped on their way to the White House.

Widely recognized by the nation’s leading newspapers:

“No name could possibly be spoken in this city among the older residents that would evoke reminiscences that always started by the mention of Kate Chase. No woman so young ever held here the prominent and controlling position as leader that came to her as mistress of her father’s household, nor has the most critical observer failed in according to her an exceptional personal brilliance . . .” - The New York Tribune

“The most brilliant woman of her day. None outshone her.” - Washington Star

“No Queen has ever reigned under the Stars and Stripes. But this remarkable woman came closer to being Queen than any other American has.” -The Cincinnati Enquirer

“One of the most remarkable women ever known to Washington Society.” - Providence Journal

“The homage of the most eminent men in the country was hers.” - New York Times

“Her face is a study, an enchanting and dangerous study to most men, who are pretty certain to fall in love with it. It has been compared with that of the famous portrait of Mona Lisa.” - The Boston Herald

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