by WESA and Katie Blackley

Pittsburghers love their city. They love their history. They love their nostalgia. And they love sharing the stories about the place they call home with just about anyone who will listen. Sometimes though, the old hand-me-down stories aren’t quite accurate—or the true story is a mystery to even long-time residents.

That’s why 90.5 WESA started its Good Question! series—to give station listeners the chance to ask their questions about Pittsburgh, and have a WESA reporter track down an answer. Questions like:

• Where does the Pittsburgh accent come from?
• Why does Pittsburgh have 90 neighborhoods?
• What’s the history behind Allegheny County’s belt System?
• Who was Queen Aliquippa?
• Why is the Ohio a new river as opposed to an extension of the Monongahela or the Allegheny?

The answers to these and many more Good Questions! are in this book, courtesy of WESA’s Katie Blackley and the WESA newsroom. It’s a fun read that will help you learn more about Pittsburgh, whether you’ve just moved to town or lived here all of your life.


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