by Hugh L. Monahan

Lost Generation is a historical fiction novel about three families caught up in the Nazi upheaval during and before the second World War. When the German people discover that Hitler is a sadistic, psychopathic egomaniac, many of the citizens find themselves trapped under the control of the Nazi party and the Gestapo.

The novel follows the stories of a German general, a Jewish doctor, and a Polish shipbuilding employee, as these men and their families struggle for scraps of personal freedom and dignity in a world where Adolph Hitler and the Nazis show them a boot in the face. These three families—in their courage, in their futility, in their tragedy—represent a “lost generation."

Hugh Monahan was born in a little coal mining town in Southwestern Pennsylvania. When World War II broke out he went into the U.S. Army Signal Corp and later transferred to the War Department in Washington, DC. He attended Layton College and Marquette University, majoring in advertising and fine art. He spent sixty years in advertising, became vice president of a large agency in Kansas City and later president and CEO of his own ad agency. Hugh is married and has five grown children.

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