By alice mcFeely Meloy

The concluding volume of Alice McFeely Meloy’s
One Small Valley takes the reader from the aftermath of the Civil War into the conflagration of World War I and beyond.

Meloy’s intimate yet meticulously researched history follows Path Valley’s men and women through expansion in commerce, education, and medicine when Path Valley also welcomed its first rail service, its first electric lines (and party lines), and its first automobiles. The tumult of the flu epidemic, the hard years of the Great Depression and America’s entry into the many wars that repeatedly punctuated the 20th century also come alive on the pages. The history ends with Path Valley celebrating America’s Bicentennial and the values which “formed the foundation of our country.”

As America was shaped in the twentieth century, so Path Valley was shaped, and at times tragically torn by events its people lived through. Many of them speak in the pages of One Small Valley; others, including many who gave their lives in the twentieth century’s wars, are remembered.

The author brings oral and written historical sources, diaries, letters, and interviews to bear, bringing to life the people, places, and events of central Pennsylvania’s Path Valley.


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