by Charles McDonald

The Eastern French Frontier, 1754. The French and Indian War is about to begin. The War Trail is a rich and electrifying account of one early American coping with the new world. Wolfgang Steiner is a young German Redemptioner hired out to the Ohio Company as a hunter. He finds himself stranded in the wilderness and pursued relentlessly by the Iroquois. He crosses the brutal Northwest Frontier into French, then Spanish and Indian-dominated lands of North America. In the midst of his pursuit for freedom, he finds companionship with a young wolf.

The plot complicates with the appearance of a mysterious and feared Algonquin Indian woman, Dark Moon, a medicine woman and sorceress. Wolfgang and Dark Moon journey in rough stages, trying to elude the creeping encroachment of other tribes allied with the French. Told with brilliant historical accuracy, this is a harrowing tale of hardship and courage in early America as it was. Those looking for the right blend of drama and realistic detail will find this novel an exciting read.

Charles A. McDonald was born into a ranching family, the Rocking H, in Northern California. He graduated from the Erv Malnarich Outfitters and Guide School in Montana and spent four years in the Idaho wilderness working as a wrangler, fishing and hunting guide. He has a B.S. in history from Chaminade College of Honolulu. He is a life member of the Special Forces Association and Military Order of the Purple Heart. After attending the basic and advanced VIP and Executive Protection School at the North Mountain Pines Training Center at Berryville, Virginia, he worked as a Personal Protection Specialist (PPS). McDonald has contributed a dozen articles to The Pennsylvania Outdoor Times, Bowhunting News, Instinctive Archer and The Journal of U.S. Military Special Operations. He is currently completing a book entitled In This Valley There Are Tigers. He and his wife, Keiko, a professor at the University of Pittsburgh, now live in Western Pennsylvania.

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