by Brian Beckcom

How to protect yourself if your maritime employer is retaliating against you!

If you have a maritime injury, one of your greatest fears might be getting blackballed or blacklisted for hiring a lawyer or filing a legal claim. You need to make sure that you are treated fairly by your employer, but you are worried that protecting your legal rights might mean cutting your chances to return to your job—or any maritime job. This compact and clearly organized book is an invaluable resource.

Texas attorney Brian Beckcom, a board-certified personal injury lawyer with over one hundred million in settlements and jury verdicts, specializes in representing injured maritime employees. In this brief but valuable book, Mr. Beckcom shares his experiences from representing people throughout the United States to help you understand the truth about the “blackball” issue and how an experienced lawyer can guide you through it.

Mr. Beckcom’s offices are in Houston, Texas.


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