by james snell

Facing a criminal domestic violence charge?

In Challenging CDV, South Carolina criminal defense attorney James R. Snell, Jr., will give you the tools you need to understand domestic violence prosecutions. It is not unusual to be scared, confused and unsure how to proceed after being arrested. This book answers questions such as:

Is a CDV charge a misdemeanor or a felony?
Did the police have enough evidence to legally arrest me?
Can I go to jail if I am not guilty or have no prior criminal record?
What is a no contact bond restriction and how can it be lifted?
What if I was the victim but was arrested and charged as the abuser?
How should I plead in court?
Should I trust the judge to protect me against a false or unfair charge?
What can be done to help avoid a CDV conviction?

Assuming that the system will automatically protect you against a false or unfair conviction can lead to disastrous results. Learning the truth about these prosecutions, and why CDV is different than other charges, can make the difference between being branded a domestic violence criminal and restoring your good name. By taking the time to learn about the law and available defense strategies you can provide yourself with the best chances for success.

James R. Snell, Jr., counsels his clients from his Lexington, South Carolina office. He is a graduate of the University of South Carolina School of Law. His practice accepts CDV and other serious criminal defense cases throughout South Carolina. Mr. Snell also operates the website www.cdvlawyer.com.


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