by alfonso gambone

Criminal defense is often what we think of when the word lawyer comes to mind. It summons images of a jury, a judge, a courtroom drama, and hearing a verdict. It’s not only the most sensational but often the most controversial and misunderstood area of the law. For many, their knowledge comes from the 24 hour news cycle, the internet, prime time television, novels, and the movies. While these sources are not necessarily incorrect, they fail to provide a proper explanation of the principles behind what you see, hear or read—that’s the goal of this book!

While some may view criminal defense as an area reserved for society’s wrongdoers or its outcasts, an understanding of it is essential to every citizen’s education. The concepts within this discipline derive directly from our nation’s founding fathers. It’s impossible to understand our country’s beginnings without a basic understanding of criminal defense. This book explains the basics in clear language. It’s a guide written specifically for non-lawyers and one that will quickly provide you with a strong foundation.

You will learn:
Probable Cause vs. Reasonable Suspicion
Constructive vs. Actual Possession of Narcotics & Firearms
Refusing a Breathalyzer or Blood Test
Circumstantial vs. Direct Evidence
Character Evidence vs. Prior Bad Acts
Preliminary Hearings, Grand Juries & Trials
Probation, Parole & Alternative Diversion Programs

"Everyone should read this book! Gambone breaks it down so you can grasp the consequences of your actions - as well as the price of inaction."- Jenny DeHuff, Philadelphia Daily News Reporter

“Gambone condenses decades of criminal jurisprudence into an understandable overview.”
- Frank C. DePasquale, Jr., Esq., DePasquale Law Offices

"An excellent primer for the uninitiated on the basics of criminal law by a highly regarded practitioner."
- Tom Kline, Esq., Partner, Kline & Specter

“Great insights into the world of criminal defense."
- Chip Franklin, KGO Radio Host, San Francisco, CA

“Gambone levels the playing field between citizen and state in a valuable, layman’s explanation of criminal law.”
- Richard Maurer, Esq., FRM Public Defender, Berks County, PA

“Ignorance is no excuse for the law and Gambone provides you with an education.”
- Brian M. Fishman, Esq., FMR Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney


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