by Gregory Jimeno

Insurance companies are notorious for trying to avoid paying individuals who have been hurt in automobile accidents for their injuries. The insurance companies have a series of not-so-honorable tactics they use to dilute the injured victims’ claims and pay out the bare minimum, or insist the injured victims were never hurt and attempt to pay nothing. They have done it for years and they will do it to you, too, if you let them. Maryland attorney
Gregory P. Jimeno has seen it happen

“Here is the harsh truth about insurance companies—it is not their job to pay you money. They are a business, and no matter how badly you are injured and no matter how much at fault the person is who caused the collision, it is still their business to try to minimize your claim. The insurance companies will stop at nothing to try to pay injured persons as little as possible."

In A Crash Course In Maryland Accidents, Mr. Jimeno, a former insurance company employee, guides you through the process of what happens following an automobile accident in Maryland. “The information given in this book is based on what I have observed by representing accident victims during my years of practice. Hopefully, this information will guide you in the right direction."


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