by kenneth j. knabe

Staying legal—and SAFE—in the saddle!

Knowledge equals power AND protection in our modern cycling world.

Greater Cleveland’s Bike Attorney/Cyclist Kenneth Knabe shares an expansive overview of the rapidly evolving landscape of Ohio bike law, bike infrastructure and what it means, legally and practically for cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists. Included is an overview of the burgeoning micro-mobility scene. This resource guide is written by a highly qualified personal injury attorney who is also an avid and experienced cyclist.

“Guiding and representing fellow cyclists is a calling to me.”

Ken is a Bike Cleveland Corporate Sponsor and co-author of the Bikes and the Law section on its website. He serves on the boards of the Ohio Bicycle Federation (OBF) and the Ohio to Erie Trail (OTET), and co-chairs the Maintenance & Vehicle Fleet subcommittee of the City of Cleveland’s Vision Zero Taskforce. Vision Zero is a strategy designed to reduce to zero the number of traffic fatalities and severe injuries on our roads, for all users.

He has represented numerous cyclists injured in bike crashes and was injured in a bike crash caused by an unsafe motorist. His legal practice has a dual focus: safety and crash prevention via knowledge of the law for cyclists, and guiding cyclists who have been injured through the legally complex process on their road to recovery. Bike event sponsorship, publishing, and teaching bike education and safety classes are further ways Ken actively advocates for the cycling community.
Disclaimer: This guide does not constitute legal advice, which can only be provided on an individual attorney/client, case-by-case basis. Rather, it shares the general perspective of an injury attorney with decades of experience who is also an avid cyclist. Read it from cover to cover, or simply focus on the chapters that speak the most to you!

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