by Carol O'Connor-Cadiz

"I have spent more than ten years talking to people who are going through divorce. I know what is running through people’s minds at this stage in their lives. By writing this book, I want to provide good, useful information and help people avoid the mistakes that can be easy to make if they don’t know any better. I also firmly believe that when people understand what is going on around them, it makes any stressful situation more manageable. This is especially true in divorce.” –Family Law Attorney Carol O’Connor-Cadiz

Carol O’Connor-Cadiz’s compact and clearly organized book, designed to help Illinois residents understand the legal aspects of divorce, provides a bird’s eye view of the divorce process and guides readers through such issues as how to choose an attorney, child and spousal support, and property division.

Written in clear language, this book covers the emotional, financial, and legal aspects of divorce, and tells readers how to avoid common mistakes like making emotional decisions or letting yourself be bullied.

Carol O’Connor-Cadiz, the daughter of divorced parents, has been handling divorce cases in her legal practice since 2001. She is a trained divorce mediator and sometimes serves as a “guardian ad litem.” She practices law in DuPage, Kane, and Cook County, Illinois


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