by Jack Carney-DeBord

Why does Carney-Debord want you to know that in addition to being a lawyer he is actually also a sports coach?

Because divorce is not easy and he and his team at Jack’s Law Office know how to encourage mental toughness, to motivate and to guide their clients to the finish line and beyond to a better place.

He wrote his book to help you understand that getting through the process takes strength, patience and determination.  The clearly-outlined steps he offers in his book are the game plan.  The reader learns:

            How to be prepared from start to finish
            How find the right attorney for you
            How to work effectively with that attorney
            How to be successful in court
            How to empower yourself to make good decisions

Divorce for Women’s Eyes Only prepares you for the questions that you must answer and the absolute necessity of answering them truthfully.  It teaches you how to understand the attorney’s responsibilities as well as your own.
If this book provides one bit of information that gives you peace of mind…then it will be wildly successful


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