by brian a lincer

ENDWISE: THE GUIDE TO SELLING YOUR BUSINESS WITH PEACE OF MIND, is a practical guide for business owners who are considering (whether now or 10 years from now) the potential sale of their business. The goal of every business sale transaction is to leave you with the peace of mind knowing that you maximized your profit, that you will get paid everything that you are owed and that there will be no strings attached after the sale. ENDWISE, covers the entire business sale process and offers important strategies that you must be aware of and consider. At its core, ENDWISE is a guide for securing and preserving the value that you have created.

BRIAN A. LINCER is a leading business lawyer who represents successful business owners and entrepreneurs in the development, expansion and protection of their business interests. An avid fan of entrepreneurship, Brian understands that success is no accident and, similar to the focused efforts and dedication that his clients bring to their businesses, Brian’s legal services and programs are focused on providing his clients with pragmatic solutions that achieve business results.



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