by jeffery i fouts

Avoid Costly Mistakes in Your Estate Planning: Leave Behind a Blessing, Not a Mess!

Let’s face it: you’re going to leave it all behind—but you can plan to do so wisely.

Whether you have just a handful or a whole basket of assets, planning the right way will allow you to pass them—as well as your values—on to your children and grandchildren so you can have the best influence on them you possibly can.

This book will help you:
Ensure that your desires will be carried out the way you want and when you want.
Use the right planning tools to achieve your planning goals.
Learn how to best deal with the possibility of your becoming mentally or physically incapacitated without losing your assets.
Discover how to navigate long-term care issues, including nursing homes and Medicaid.
Protect your children’s inheritances from their creditors, current and ex-spouses, addiction problems, tax troubles, mismanagement, and other risks of loss.
Make sure your beneficiaries save time and money when it comes time for them to settle your estate.
Reduce the chances of family conflicts and a will “battle” after you die.
Provide for your beneficiaries without spoiling them.
Ensure your spouse is burdened as little as possible when dealing with your estate after your death.
Leave your assets to your children, not the IRS.

Jeffrey I. Fouts, Esq. is an estate planning and tax attorney. His firm, the Fouts Law Group, LLC, has offices in the Atlanta and North Georgia areas. He and his team specialize in helping clients achieve their estate-planning goals and overcome—if not avoid altogether—the potential pitfalls in the whole process.



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