by Bobby R. Hale

"A will is one of the most important documents an individual will ever execute and the making of one's will is one of the most solemn acts an individual will ever perform. We... invite confusion, misunderstanding and hard feelings among family members and loved ones when we fail to provide properly for the distribution of our property at our death."
–from Hale on Wills by Bobby R. Hale

Bobby Hale understands that many people procrastinate about writing a will or, even worse, die without ever having made one. His book is an attempt to de-mystify the language of wills, the reasons for having them, and the process of writing them. With plenty of example clauses and even a complete sample will, Mr. Hale's book helps readers take care of the basics for important end-of-life documents.

Mr. Hale is a West Virginia attorney who has concentrated his practice on the areas of wills, real estate, and administration of decedents' estates, for the last twenty-five years. He represents clients from diverse backgrounds and his practical book shares his knowledge and expertise in clear, conversational language for laypersons.


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