Patrick P. Phancao & Shadi Ala’i Shaffer

After reading countless books on estate planning and asset protection, I quickly realized that the information out there was dry, impractical and too theoretical. None of it provided the reader with a “practical” look at the whole legal practice. I wanted to change that.

After years of running a successful estate planning practice together, I started talking to my partner, Patrick Phancao, about writing this book. I wanted to give practical tips to clients in need, but more importantly, I wanted to write a book that would be interesting enough to make the reader understand the applications of estate planning in everyday life. Considering my partner’s unique introduction to the law, I always thought his stories to be captivating and on-point with our practice. So, I decided to summarize in an easy, user-friendly approach the layers that make up the world of estate planning and asset protection by sharing my partner’s “one-of-a-kind” stories about some of the clients he has had along the way. 

I love being an estate planning attorney. Patrick and I hope this book will give you a fun look into the world of estate planning and show you how important it is that we all plan properly. We want to dedicate this book to our families and friends, and to the amazing clients we have had the opportunity to represent through the years—it has been a joy working with you. So without further delay, come on in…  
–Shadi Ala’i Shaffer


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