A Parent’s Guide To Juvenile Defense In Georgia: For Parents, Counselors, Advocates, Educators, Clergy
by kathryn boortz

KATHRYN BOORTZ is an experienced criminal defense attorney who has a passion for working with youth and their families. She is the founder and owner of Boortz Law LLC, a boutique Atlanta law firm that focuses on juvenile defense and school disciplinary hearings. Kathryn is a frequent speaker and blogger on topics related to teens and young adults. She is a compassionate and tenacious advocate whose goal is to achieve the best legal outcome while strengthening families.

In A Parent’s Guide to Juvenile Defense in Georgia, Ms. Boortz takes you through the entire process of a juvenile offense—from charges filed, and defining exactly what constitutes a juvenile offense, to the process of sealing records. Her intent is to keep parents focused on their children—so they don’t become overwhelmed by the juvenile court system maze.



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