by craig ray hill

Attorney Craig Ray Hill is a partner in the law firm of Jones & Hill llc. He attended McNeese State University in Lake Charles and graduated from Southern Law School. Craig is also a graduate of the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College in Dubios Wyoming.
Craig is a member of the Christian legal Society, the association of Trial Lawyers of America, and the Louisiana Trial Lawyers . Craig’s cases have been featured on numerous news syndicates including the Montel Williams show and NBC.

Craig understands that serious injuries and death from the fault of others reek havoc on individuals and families. This is only compounded when insurance companies get involved and start avoiding responsibility. Society as a whole suffers when individuals are needlessly endangered by unsafe practices. Adequate justice (fair compensation) is the only means by which we can keep our families safe. Victims of serious injuries and their families deserve adequate compensation, and Craig and his firm has fought for the justice of injured victims for over twenty years.

“You must have a lawyer who is willing to listen and tell your real story when you are injured. The insurance company doesn’t want to hear your story but the jury does; that’s where we obtain justice – in front of the jury,” writes Hill.


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