by Anthony Castelli

In his new book for Ohio motorcyclists, The Ohio Motorcycle Bible, personal injury trial attorney Anthony Castelli gives motorcyclists an invaluable resource, covering everything from biker safety to biker insurance to biker clubs - as well as solid advice about what to do in case of an accident.

As an experienced trial attorney and motorcycle rider, Anthony knows the unique risks motorcyclists face from other drivers and from big insurance. Anthony explains what steps to take to protect yourself financially, so that you can be prepared to overcome even the most serious motorcycle injury in the unfortunate event of a crash that is a result of the carelessness of another driver.

Anthony exposes myths about motorcyclists. He exposes big insurance dirty tricks. Motorcyclists are not second-class citizens. They do great things because they are great people, from all walks of life. Anthony is tired of bikers not getting fair treatment just because they ride a motorcycle. This book is intended to help you, the motorcyclist, get justice.

For more educational articles, e-books, and videos, Anthony welcomes you to his website, www.castellilaw.com. For some motorcycle fun, as well as education, he invites you to the website he created, www.ohiomotorcyclegarage.com, where you can build a bike, plan a road trip, join a motorcycle safety group, and much, much more.


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