A Practical Guide for California Business Owners
by Brenda Geiger

Brenda Geiger is a lawyer, but more importantly she is a business owner like you and she’s passionate about helping her business-owner clients. “Being able to imagine and create makes me tick. I have a feeling it’s what makes you tick too. So, my sincere hope is that this practical legal guide will help you in your business or in your professional practice.”

If you are a sole proprietor, this book will help you compare the various business entities to which you can convert your business and all of the benefits of each. And if you operate your business with one or more partners, Chapter 5 will educate you on Buy-Sell Agreements.

Doctors, dentists, lawyers, and other professionals will benefit from Chapter 6 because it explains the types of entities that professional practices can establish and the differences in liability protection for these entities compared to non-professional practice businesses.

Chapter 7 details how to maintain a liability shield for your corporation or LLC, and in the last two chapters, the conversation turns to planning for your exit from your business and coordinating your business with your estate plan.
Brenda is married to Len, the CEO of a San Diego-based technology company, and has two young children. And of course, she is a business owner just like you.

She can be reached for news interviews, speaking requests and private client meetings at 760-448-2220 or at geigerlawoffice.net.



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