Michael Brandner

The book includes multiple lists that provide helpful summaries on various aspects of an auto injury claim. The first identifies five tactics the insurance company uses to gain an advantage over a claimant including: making false promises, delaying your claim, and misrepresenting proper medical treatment and how it will be paid. A second useful list is the to-do list for documenting the scene of the crash, which includes what to photograph and what information to collect from witnesses. A third list covers the eight steps to handling a property damage claim. For someone only dealing with property damage, it is a guide for what to do. He even offers certain keys to determine when you need to hire a lawyer and how you should share information with the lawyer.

The section on documenting an injury goes into what it takes to have a good case. A good case has three main parts: liability (the other person is at fault), causation (the link between liability and damages), and damages (property damage, physical injuries, loss of income, etc.). You can’t have one without the other two. You can’t have two without the other one. The most challenging parts are establishing causation and damages, and he includes recommendations for avoiding causation problems particularly with respect to reporting and documenting medical injuries. One unique piece of advice was his recommendation that the patient, when speaking with the doctor, avoid self-diagnosing (putting words in the doctor’s mouth) and overloading the doctor with information extraneous to the pains and problems that stem directly from the car wreck.

With a contemporary twist, the book also looks at the perils and pitfalls of our cultures’ reliance on social media. He describes how information gleaned from Twitter and Facebook can seriously undermine a case—especially when it falls into the hands of Mr. Insurance Defense Attorney.


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