by brenda geiger

This book covers not only the basic things you’ll need to know to set up and maintain your estate plan, but also more advanced planning strategies such as Retirement Plan Trusts and Irrevocable Gifting Trusts for children and grandchildren.

In this easy to read book you’ll discover:
• What the probate process is in California and why it should be avoided
• How to “fund” (transfer assets to) your revocable trust and which assets cannot be owned by your revocable trust
• How you can protect your children’s inheritance from creditors, predators and their future divorcing spouses
• How you can protect your spouse with Bypass Trust provisions in your revocable trust
• The best way to ensure your retirement accounts are worth at least 5 times more than the date your children inherit them and give them asset protection on those accounts to boot
• How to protect yourself if you own rental real estate with an LLC
• The top 25 mistakes people make in their estate plans, and how to avoid them

Brenda Geiger is a skilled and experienced Estate and Business Planning attorney in Carlsbad, California. Her practice focuses on protecting clients from the probate process, helping them avoid future litigation and on forward thinking asset protection for her clients and their heirs.


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