by Jeff Cole, Daniel K. Brendtro

Have you been injured in an accident in South Dakota?

Can you answer Yes to these six questions?

1. Do you have total expected medical bills and lost wages (not just out-of-pocket expenses) of at least $2,000?
2. Is there visible property damage to your car?
3. Was the accident someone else’s fault?
4. Did you get prompt medical treatment after the accident?
5. Have you followed the recommended course of treatment of your doctor?
6. Did the accident happen fewer than 32 months ago?

If you have answered Yes to these six questions, then not only will the book have valuable information for you, but the law firm Zimmer, Duncan & Cole, LLP may be able to help you with representation.

If you have been in an accident, the insurance companies know how to work the system to reduce their payments to you. This book gives you the inside information you need to avoid falling into their traps. Some of those traps are set in the first phone call you receive from the insurance company--even before you have found an good attorney. Which brings up the authors second point: how do you find a good attorney? Jeff Cole and Daniel K. Brendtro offer great tips on how to find a responsible, ethical attorney, and the tips are applicable for any type of case, not just personal injury. But even if you avoid the traps of the insurance company, and find a good attorney, you are not off the hook. If you commit one of the Seven Deadly Sins the authors list, your case is doomed. Being in an accident is bad enough, don’t make things worse for yourself. Read this book and arm yourself with the knowledge you need to win your fight for the compensation you deserve.


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