by Gregory Jimeno

Drinking and driving are never a good combination. The safety issues alone should be enough to keep you from getting behind the wheel of a vehicle if you’ve been drinking. You could cause an accident and hurt yourself or someone else. Worse of all, the results could be fatal.

In addition to not wanting to hurt yourself or someone else, another reason to avoid a drinking-and-driving-related offense is that it can damage your driving record, sometimes to the point of losing your driver’s license. In Maryland, drivers charged with DWI—driving while impaired by alcohol—face stiff consequences, including heavy fines, loss of your driver’s license, and jail time.

“Repairing the damage that can be done to your life after being charged with a DWI should begin immediately after being charged,” write Maryland attorneys Gregory Jimeno and Frank Gray, Jr. Jimeno & Gray have handled DWI cases throughout Maryland and in doing so helped their clients through the ordeal of having been arrested and the aftermath.

In The ABCs Of DWIs In Maryland, Jimeno & Gray guide you along an entire DWI case so you can understand what you are legally responsible to do to restore your driving record. “We understand that you probably have a lot of questions…This book is intended to be a guide to what lies ahead."


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